We keep our hens in mobile houses which are easy to rotate and move around the farm. This allows us to regularly move the hens onto fresh pasture. This ensures that all our hens have access to a wide variety of forage in the form of plants and insects – keeping our hens very happy and healthy and producing exceptional quality eggs.

All our eggs are organically farmed to Soil Association standards and packed on the farm. The eggs are graded by weight into medium, large or extra large then sold directly to the consumer within days of being laid.
The hens are an integral part of our organic holistic farming practice. We believe that by putting our hens needs first and ensuring the highest standards of welfare, they in return produce the best quality eggs and fertilise the land.
The hen houses house between 75 and 250 hens. The houses are bedded down daily with quality straw and mucked out regularly. We open them up early so the hens can make the most of the daylight and securely close them away at dusk to ensure their safety. The hens roam freely on pasture that is fenced with electric wire to protect them from prowling foxes.