Our rare breed Gloucester Old spot and Oxford sandy and black pigs are free range with plenty of space to root and forage. They are extremely inquisitive animals so enjoy moving across new pasture. Our pigs stay out all year round and sleep in deeply bedded houses in family groups. We are lucky to have a naturally occurring spring on the farm, the pigs use this water to wallow and to cool themselves down in the warmer weather.

We wean our piglets at 12 -14 weeks but keep them in their sibling group to continue their mischievous antics together. We feed the sows daily, this is our main opportunity to give them a scratch and tickle. The wearers have constant access to feed as they are still growing. The welfare and happiness of the pigs is our primary concern. The large amount of exercise and their access to fresh pasture gives their meat excellent flavour and texture with good layer of fat throughout the muscle.


We have a small heard of Ruby Red Devon Cattle which we rear entirely on pasture. They are a local rare breed so are very suited to our pastures. We try and keep field space restricted when the grass is good in the summer months so they mob graze across fresh pasture and are moved regularly on to fresh clean grass. During the winter, we supplement them with hay made off our land. We wean the calves at 8 months giving them plenty of time with their mothers. All of these factors enhance the quality of the beef; the meat has excellent texture and marbling across the whole animal.


Mixed flock of Wiltshire Horns, Jacob and Suffolk Crosses. which are all crossed with an Icelandic Ram, this makes the lambs very hardy. All of our sheep graze on organic pasture with the cattle as part of the farm’s rotational grazing philosophies, our chickens then follow the sheep and cattle where possible. We lamb once a year, always in spring. The sheep are also 100% grass fed, a combination of this and their breed means that they grow slower than your average sheep. This produces a high-quality lamb with exceptional texture and flavour.


We raise slow growing meat chickens from day old chicks brought from Windout Farm, a local, family run, organic farm. Initially we keep our chicks in a large brooder where the chicks snuggle under heat, which is comparable to being under the warmth of their mother hen. They stay in the brooder for the first 4 weeks. Once big enough to venture outside, they are moved onto our pasture, where they roam freely and forage for grass, seeds, worms and insects. The space to roam freely means that they become healthy and strong birds. They are also supplemented with an organic mixed grain in addition to what they forage. The breed itself and the way we rear them ensures that they grow slowly. As a result, they produce a delicate yet muscular meat that is full of exceptional flavour. At night, the chicks/chickens shelter in large mobile houses. These houses are moved regularly to ensure the chicks are always on green lush pasture. We slaughter our chickens between 12 and 14 weeks.